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The emergence of social media in present days

One of the most important fallouts of the developments in science and technology has been the internet which has made many things and information available just with a click of a button hence reducing the time and contact. The Internet has aided in establishing more contacts amongst the populations belonging to different regions, cultures, religion,s, and practicing different languages. One of the most essential features of today’s world connectivity through the internet is social media. Social media has become a part of our daily life so much so that one can hardly see a person who is not aware of the various social media applications and sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Social media has provided a platform for the users to create and share information in a more systematic way and has also lead to awareness amongst the people. One can influence or attract new people through Facebook event attendees.

It is a well-established fact the development of a country can be judged by the levels of internet facilities available to its population and the measures taken by the government to increase the digital divide and to aim at more penetration so that the benefits of the internet can reach to all. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the inadequacies to the forefront.

The emergence of social media has been a long drawn process spanning a period of 30 years during which it has consolidated to the levels in which we can presently see it. The process of development has seen many phases come and go but each phase leading to an upgrade to a new level.

Social media has been at our side for many years but the current scenario characterized by globalization and more integration of the countries in terms of economy, culture, and politics has set forth the stage of the resurgence of social media in a new incarnation. It has become a facilitator of information generation and sharing, blogging, a forum of public debate and opinion, expanding of business bases, a tool for employment search and generation, an educator as most of the students are dependent on social media for their study materials and classes, a tool to get in touch with new skills, communication, marketing, etc.

Hence the emergence of social media has come with many benefits and it has enhanced the speed of development at an unprecedented level which might not have been possible in the absence of the internet and social media in particular. It has created a virtual world that is easily accessible to all as it does not recognize the divisions that inhabit the physical world of human beings and allows every person to take its advantage.

Hence it can be said that the emergence of social media has made the world a more equitable and better place to live with vast opportunities being made available to the people.

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